Ivan J. B. Lin


Professor,  Inorganic Chemistry

Phone: 03-8633599 (O) 03-8633560 (Lab)

Fax: 03-863-3570  

E-mail: ijblin@mail.ndhu.edu.tw

Office: D324 Science building 
Laboratory: D328 Science building

National Dong Hwa University, Shou-Feng, Hualien, 974,  Taiwan

  • Education

BS., Tamkang University ,Taiwan (1969)

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, USA. (1975)


  • Experience

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Kansas, USA. (1975-76)

Teaching - research Fellow, University of New Brunswick, Canada (1976-80)

Associate Professor, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (1980-83)

Professor, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (1983-2002)

Director, Graduate school of Chemistry Department, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (1984-90)

Visiting scientist, Ottawa University, Canada (1986-87)

Chairman, Department of Chemistry, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (1990-96)

Professor and Chairman, Department of Chemistry, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan (2002-)


  • Research Interests

(1) Ionic Liquid Crystals

(2) Metal Containing Liquid Crystals

(3) Organometallics and Catalysis

(4) Nanometerial

(5) Crystal Engineering

(6) Langmuir BlodgettSelf-assemble of Amphiphilic MoleculesLB films)

(7) Emissive Metal-Organic Compounds


  • Selected Publications


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